The Library of Bran

Welcome to the Library of Bran. This is a sacred place where thousands of books in varied conditions contain whispers of the history of Cryptovania.

Somewhere nestled between these ancient, dark tales is the beginning of your story. Be warned, dear traveler. The stories you are about to consume may change your life forever.

Earn your keep

Write to earn. New story prompts available every month, with bounties awarded to tales chosen by the Cryptovania community.


Best Overall Story

Anyone with any Trait Genre can write this story : For this bounty, write any story you would like! Who is your character? Why is he or she in Cryptovania? Dracula waits patiently for your story!

0.1 oETH
Begins 6.1.2022

Best Folklore Story

Those with Folkore Genre Trait: Write a story about the world of Cryptovania and how your character fits in! Are you a cog in the many moving parts of the world? Or are you a puppet master who thinks chaos is art?

0.1 oETH
Begins 6.1.2022

Best Horror Story

Those with Horror Genre Trait: Write a horror story in the world of Cryptovania! What horrors lies beyond the gates of Cryptovania? Are there giant gargoyles hunting unsuspecting souls? Bounty Hunters who capture humans for Vampires? Or does it all end with a coffin?

0.1 oETH
Begins 6.1.2022

Story Submission coming soon Mid-June!

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